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Thread: Is config really working in Ext or not?

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    Default Sure there be a base "template" class everyone can use to support it?

    I think it would be nice if ExtJS could provide out of the box a DefaultBase class like this one:
    The concept of having a default config to your class while taking into consideration the ancestor classes parents AND getting all the getters/setters/apply/resets, seems to be a pretty reoccurring pattern.

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    Not a bad idea at all, and I use something similar myself. The only tweak I would make is doing an applyIf() instead of apply(), since IMO it's a bit dangerous to just stomp on the existing config by default. But that may just be me being cautious.

    That said, I have to think there's SOME reason why Sencha's Base class doesn't do this. I admit I don't know what reason they might have for the current behavior, but it could easily be something we're not considering (or even aware of).

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