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Thread: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getDirection'

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    Default Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getDirection'


    I am using Sencha Touch 2.3, Sencha Cmd

    Unfortunately, I do not know enough about Sencha to be able to explain and diagnose my problem, so please forgive any omissions.

    When I try to run my app, which creates several gauges and bar charts, before any charts have been drawn, the app crashes and console.log give the following error message:

     Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getDirection'
    It says the error is on line 683 of chart.series.Series.js, which looks like this (this is how it came out of the box):

     for (i = 0, ln = axes.length; i < ln; i++) {
                axis = axes[i];
                if (!directionMap[axis.getDirection()]) {// <-- line 683
                    directionMap[axis.getDirection()] = [axis];
                } else {
    I have checked axis.Axis.js, and I can see that lin 543 has the following:
     getDirection: function () {
            return this.getChart().getDirectionForAxis(this.getPosition());
    So, I cannot see why I get this error. Can someone please advise me how to correct.


    Some new info:
    axes[i]) shows the following:

    Class {titleStyle: Class, labelStyle: Class, gridStyle: Class, initConfig: function, initialConfig: Object}
    _chart: Class
    _fields: Array[0]
    _labels: Array[0]
    _margin: 10
    _maximum: 10
    _minimum: 0
    _position: "gauge"
    _steps: 10
    _title: false
    axisId: "ext-axis-12"
    config: objectClass
    eventDispatcher: Class
    getEventDispatcher: function () {
    getObservableId: function () {
    getUniqueId: function () {
    gridStyle: Class
    id: "ext-chart-axis-gauge-1"
    initConfig: function (){}
    initialConfig: Object
    labelStyle: Class
    managedListeners: Object
    observableId: "#ext-chart-axis-gauge-1"
    titleStyle: Class
    usedSelectors: Array[1]
    __proto__: Object

    My app generates both gauges AND bar charts. If I disable the gauges then I no longer get this error. So, the problem lies with the function which creates my gauges. Here it is:

    var gaugeTitle = thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2].Title;
    var currentValue = (thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2].CurrentValue > 0)?thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2].CurrentValue:0;  
    var baseValue = thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2].BaseValue;  
    var centreValue = thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2].CentreValue;  
    var generated = thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2].Generated;  
    var gaugeData = thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2];// this data populates the gauge store  
    // now we create a store for the gauge  
    var gaugeStore = Ext.create('', {  
    storeId: 'gaugeStore',  
    fields: [{'name':'BaseValue','type':'int'},  
    data: gaugeData  
    gaugeStore.setData(gaugeData);  // Use the add function to add records or model instances.
    // set the maximum value on the gauge, then round it to whole number    
    var gaugemax = (thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2].CentreValue>10)?  thetabs[tt].Entries[tt2].CentreValue*2:10;  
    // ensure gauge max is never less than currentValue  
    if(gaugemax < currentValue){  
    gaugemax =  currentValue+(currentValue*.1); // use 110% of currentValue   
    // show whole numbers only  
    gaugemax = Math.round(gaugemax/10)*10;   
    //set gauge colour  
    gaugeColor = setGaugeColour(siteName);  
    /// new gauge  
    var chartgx = {  
    cls: 'thegauge',  
    itemId: 'gauge'+tt2,  
    xtype: 'chart',  
    shadow: true,  
    store: gaugeStore,  
    width : 'auto',  
    animate: true,  
    insetPadding: 50,  
    axes: [{  
    type: 'gauge',  
    position: 'gauge',  
    minimum: 0,  
    maximum: gaugemax,  
    steps: 10,  
    margin: 10  
    series: [{  
    type: 'gauge',  
    minimum: 0,  
    maximum: gaugemax,  
    steps: 10,  
    margin: 10,  
    angleField: 'CurrentValue',  
    donut: 30,  

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