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Thread: external links on ios 7.1

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    Default external links on ios 7.1

    I have an application using extjs and packaged with adobe phonegap build that I need to open a link from on apple devices using ios 7.1. I need this link to open in a new native browser window. Currently trying to open this link has caused the application itself to open the link with no way to get back to the application without closing and restarting it.

    After searching the web for this issue, I have tried various solutions involving turning the link into a simple <a> tag with an href, to putting the phonegap plugin found here: into my config.xml. No solutions that I've tried have worked (or even shown me any other sort of behavior) yet. Taking an example such as and pinning it to the home menu works perfectly well, which leads me to believe that the problem lies with the application itself.

    Currently the link is a component with html tags thrown into it when it is defined. Can anyone help me open this link in a new browser tab/window? Thanks.

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    Does anyone have an idea of how to accomplish this?

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    Update: PhoneGap support related to me that the issue resides in Sencha init and not in PhoneGap. Does anyone know if extjs5 will have fix for this when it is released?

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