1. I have field in the panel, before going to save the form validation we performed.
2. So if the field is invalid, error message will be displayed correspond to msgTarget what we specified. Till now this is fine.
3. Now in my form panel we have custom field (eg : chemisty-field), if the field is invalid the message will be coming beside the chemistry-field (default behavior of extjs)

But now my requirement is, I want to display the same validation error message in a particular div element (customizing the error msg to be displayed where ever we required)
'<div id="' + me.errordiv + '"></div>'.

In extjs4 : markInvalid() will call setError(), Here I was trying to override cod and want to be displayed the error message in the above div element.

Can any one suggest me how to do? It's an urgent fix plz.