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Thread: Store.Sync() or Ext.Ajax ?

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    Default Store.Sync() or Ext.Ajax ?

    My application has multiple grids & forms with add & update button on top.
    I have connected forms and grids with their respective stores.

    These Grids/Forms need to be updated quite frequently,both to and from server
    Now while reading about stores from tutorials, i found that store.sync() is correct method to be used.

    But i need to send some other dynamic values as well along with usual Post data to server.
    Also i need to capture response from server and do some action. I am unable to find any thing like that.

    Should i use Ext.ajax method on click of button, though this was the method i was trying to avoid.
    I am new into this, Guide me the correct approach.


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    sync() is the right way.
    If you like to add additional data you can hook into the beforesync event of the store

    and add extra params to the store proxy which is doing the request

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    I understand that store.sync is correct way for this but since i am new into this, its getting difficult to manipulate things with store.sync.

    1) I want to alter the parameters being sent to server by store
    2) Add few dynamic parameters.
    3) Capture the response from server.

    As you mentioned about links :

    -> I din't get the use of beforesync. Is it an event triggered before syncing ? which requirement will it fulfill ?

    -> I understand the use of setExtraParam( name, value ), will use it and revert if any issue occurs.

    -> Also let me know how to capture response of store ? It is important.


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