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Thread: Drag Drop from Email Client (MS Outlook)

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    Default Drag Drop from Email Client (MS Outlook)

    Hi Members,

    We are building an application on Sencha GXT 3.0. We have a requirement wherein we have drag attachments directly from a mail message (in MS Outlook) and drop in a specified folder structure in the User Interface.

    Request your help on how can we achieve this using GXT.


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    Hi,I had the same requirement for one of my system and we came to the conclusion that this is not possible to implement with only HTML. This is because Outlook doesn't expose enough information to the Web Browser on the drop event to be able to do anything useful.To be able to do what you are looking for you would need to be able to do some OLE calls the same way that your Windows Desktop is capable. What we ended up doing is drag to desktop and then drag to browser.We are using this component as a drop target to support upload on drag and drop me know if you find a better solution.Bye

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    There is no way to do this with just HTML because Outlook doesn't save CF_HDROP format data to the clipboard when you drag. You would need to have end users install something like Outlook2Web - - which enables drag and drop from Outlook to web apps.

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