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Thread: @eval and ensureInjected with Themebuilder

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    Default @eval and ensureInjected with Themebuilder

    I'd like to set dynamic values in my theme, for example a backgroundcolor depending on a logged-in user preference. Is it possible to use at runtime:
    @eval userBackground com.module.UserPreferences.getUserBackground();
    and then
    with the new themebuilder?

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    Currently, the theme builder doesn't support custom background images other than gradients set in the configuration file. Recent work has been done on being able to provide a mechanism for custom icons.

    If the background image is a "one off," where it's only used for a panel or two, then you may want to consider just using a CSS style when constructing the widget
    If all instances of a single widget need a background image, then I can think of a couple of methods that could be considered.
    • Subclass the generated Appearance, add the background image, create a <replace-with> to override the Appearance to use new sub class.
    • When generating the theme, use the -gen flag to generate the code to a specified directory and update the code directly before jarring up.
    I just tried another option, which is fairly straight forward. By creating a CustomStyle CssResource, you can import the appearance style interface and modify. For example:

      public interface CustomResources extends ClientBundle {
        CustomStyles style();
      public interface CustomStyles extends CssResource {
    Then, in your "custom.css" file, you can change the background (I used a color in this case):

    .Css3FramedPanelStyle-body {
      background-color: green !important;
    You can then add any custom backgrounds you want.

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