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Thread: Sencha Cmd: copy extern javascript source

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    Default Sencha Cmd: copy extern javascript source

    we have a Sencha Touch project and including dynamic rendered javascript sources from our server in the project.
    This works well in develoment mode.
    How can we include such a "extern" resource in a production build? We like to have a static copy of this in the build package.

    in detail:
    we include a javascript file in the app.json like this: (extern with url)
    "js": [
                "path": "http://localhost/config.js",
                "update": "delta"
    When we do a production build this url will be included as extern source with this url.

    Is there a solution to make a copy of this file, during sencha cmd build, and include it as a static file in the package?

    Thank You

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    You would have to manually copy the file to your Touch project. And include the path in your app.json js config. In app.json comments it states that only local resources will be copied.
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    You could use the -before-page target in the build.xml to download the file to the local package.

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