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Thread: Editable Combobox with dynamic values

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    Default Editable Combobox with dynamic values

    We have one requirement to enter new values and select the existing values in combo box . Like whenever user enters the value in Combo box, it should show the existing values dynamically and user should able to enter new values in the combo box.

    1. The values should be dynamic because the underline table has thousands of records.
    2. New values should retain in combo box and that will be persisted to database while saving.

    I found below option to retain new value in the combo box. But Is there any way to get the pagination and dynamic list with StringComboBox like AdvanceComboBox.

    StringComboBox/StringComboBoxCell in GXT 3.0.4 (

    Can anyone help me on this.

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    The StringComboBox should support a paging toolbar and a loader the same as the advanced combo example does - have you tried it? The only concern will be what does it do with the new values that have been added - it can't automatically both support paging and custom values if it doesnt have some logic about how to save those custom values back to the server.

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