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Thread: Sencha integration with SVG

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    Default Sencha integration with SVG

    I apologize, I tried searching to not require any help however what I kept finding was a little ambiguous.

    I'm interested in using ExtJS SDK. I am going to require a lot of SVG. So I have the following questions. If you can please provide some guidance it would be most appreciated:

    1 - if I were to implement all the features of SVG with ExtJS SDK (only) - would I extend an object and use a pure HTML, javascript implementation or is there native support within ExtJS SDK that I might use ?

    2 - if both above options are allowed, are there any limitations with what I can or cannot do with SVG

    3 - Is support for SVG within Ext JS SDK confined to a specific version of Ext JS ?

    Thank you.

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    Ext JS has an Ext.draw package that can create SVG. Here is an example:
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    thank you.

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