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Thread: How to find remote job for ExtJS developer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian428 View Post
    This may be a big part of your problem. A good developer, and especially a good remote developer, needs excellent communication skills.
    The only one resone I get not hiring is"we need local developer, we wish you good luck in searching".
    I suit as developer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikhail Tatsky View Post
    I suit as developer.
    Perhaps "we need someone who can communicate in English"?

    I have no idea what you tried to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssamayoa View Post
    Perhaps "we need someone who can communicate in English"?

    I have no idea what you tried to say.
    Do you mean that I am not hiring because I have not good English?
    Actually, no. Firms offer me to move in Califonia offices, in Europe offices.

    Well, I think that I too overload all on this forums.

    All I write here is VERY BIG FRUSTRATION that I can not stop sometimes.
    I am JavaScript Architect. Such developer should earn proper...
    50$ per hour is resonable salary.

    I repeat, I have very proffesional knowledge. I knew how ExtJS 2,3,4 works inside.
    I know how to develop framework.
    I do not want to use JQuery, not because I can not code on it, because I just do not like it and all offers about on remote is too small pay-rate, so I just do not waste time on it.

    Sorry, for overloading forum.
    Thanks to all for patience.
    I will try to be kind on emotions and do not write again here.

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    If companies are offering you jobs in California and Europe and you don't want them or cannot get them, that is not something that helps your argument. You want to work remotely, and you mentioned how you work long hours, etc. That is all good but no company will take your word for it. That is precisely the problem of working remotely, unless you get paid based on deliverables, a remote hourly paid job is difficult to land.
    I am sure you can find someone or some company that will hire you for $50/hr maybe more, but you need to find them, and then tell "them" what you want. They in-turn will tell you what they want. If there is agreement then "you got job". You keep repeating here "I want $50/hr" etc, it is not doing you any good to post in this forum.
    Here you can only get ideas from others. It is a discussion forum not a complaint forum. I do not see any comments here from others that are insulting to you, on the contrary everyone tries to be helpful as much as they can.
    I wish you good luck.

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    On stackoverflow are possibilities to find a job. Tick the box "work remotely":

    However to make a good chance:

    • Good reputation on forums - show your posts
    • Code samples, contribution to open source projects, github participations. Show what you have done so far
    • Good reputation on stackoverflow
    • Good in spoken/written English

    Hope this helps.

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    Other possibilities to find a job:

    Is the best place to find and list jobs that aren't restricted by commutes or a particular geographic area.

    Please talk less about the money and listen more, as Mitchell said is very unprofessional.
    "Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me." - Steve Jobs

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