Just got Fiddle 1.1 pushed, was delayed to get a few new feature needed for some other projects. This version is mainly new features but of course has a slew of bug fixes.


The search in Fiddle 1.0 worked for the most part but was largely simplistic and had it's issues. Fiddle 1.1 has revamped the search where you now have a form to search in the fields and can also sort (default sort is by created date and descending). Here is a screenshot of the new search form:


Unsaved Changes

Now, when you have made some changes in any code in a fiddle (or before you create a fiddle) and you try to leave the Fiddle app, it should prompt you asking if you want to leave the page with unsaved changes. Here is a screenshot of a prompt that you should expect (will look different on different platforms/browsers):


Download Fiddles

Running fiddles in the Fiddle app is great and all but what if you want to extract the fiddle to have the code locally? When you load a fiddle, there will now be a download button next to the run button that will download the fiddle as a zip archive. You should then be able to extract the archive and run the index.html.


Key Bindings

I think Fiddle is easy to get around but power users usually like to have key bindings take certain actions within the app. For this I've created a new EventDomain to handle key presses which allows me to easily add key bindings to Fiddle. Here are a list of current key bindings:

  • ctrl + enter runs the fiddle.
  • ctrl + shift + enter Runs the fiddle in a new browser tab outside of the Fiddle application.
  • ctrl + s Saves the fiddle. (will get browser's handling also)
  • ctrl + n Create a new fiddle.
  • ctrl + b Run the beautifier on the open tabs.
  • ctrl + g Go to line in editor.
  • ctrl + ? Opens the documentation. (documentation is in Sencha K
  • ctrl + < Collapses the code panel.
  • ctrl + > Expands the code panel.

If you have a key binding you'd like to see, let us know!


Want to make a comment on a fiddle? Now you can! There is a gear button next to the title that opens up some details and allows you to view the comments. If you are the fiddle owner, you can also have private comments where only the fiddle owner and an administrator (Sencha employee) can see the comments.


There are a few other smaller UI and feature additions/tweaks. Let us know what you think and any other new features or bugs in the Fiddle 1.x forum.