I have a model with fields, each of the fields have a "convert" function. I'm attempting to use static methods in another utility class to run these conversions.
I've found that sometimes (about 30% of the time) the static class isn't ready by the time the conversion function is needed. Getting errors like:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'trimUp' of undefined

If I keep mashing refresh, it eventually works.

This does not occur when I run in through a "sencha app build" because the files are put specifically in the correct order. I have a feeling it's the async loading of these files, and potentially not waiting for the file to be downloaded, prepared by Sencha to make it available, and ready before the model is attempted.

Sencha Touch 2.3.1
Chrome 32
MacBook Pro

Edit: after posting I realized I put this in the wrong forum, please move this to the Sencha Touch bugs. Also the embedded fiddle needs you to switch back and forth to see the actual code (the dropdown on the upper left). I recommend just going to the fiddle.