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Thread: Example showing use of Ext.device.Media in 2.3.1???

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    Default Example showing use of Ext.device.Media in 2.3.1???

    Are there any examples demonstrating the use of Ext.device.Media? I am trying to play .mp3 files on an android device using cordova and ST 2.3.1. I was able to get the files to play in Chrome using Ext.Audio, but this failed to work on Android. Now I am attempting on Chrome with Ext.device.Media, and I can't call
    because that method doesn't exist on the object when I stop in the debugger. And calling methods on the singleton like
    appear to do nothing.

    If I had even one working example of the use of this class, I'm sure I could get this functioning...
    I found a thread here that seems to indicate there are some shortcomings in the cordova packaging, but I'm not to that phase yet -- just trying to get it working in the browser.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Ext.device.Media uses Cordova's Media class and will not work in the browser. It will only work if your app is packaged with Cordova.
    Unfortunately there are no Sencha examples available using this api. But the examples in the cordova docs should give you a good idea of how to use it.

    You can go through the Ext.device namespace or alternatively, you can access the Cordova functions directly in your app by preceding the API with navigator, for example for the Media API,
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    Need to include a test case use:
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