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Thread: css compile issue

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    Default css compile issue

    after upgrading project from former release using custom theme SA starts generatin "app.json" with empty

    The formerly working code was

    "css": [
    "update": "delta",
    "platform": [
    "theme": "Default",
    "path": "theme/sencha-touch-9d24a5d5-8f5d-4780-8d7d-74a4fedf5ee0.css",
    "_architect_active_theme": true

    Each project save overwrites app.json so i have to manually copy the code each time i will do a compile.

    Seconde issue is, that i am using a custom code folder "uo" added to sencha.cfg

    This has worked in previous version!

    Currently it will only work, if i add the same thing to the end of app.json
    "classpath": "${app.dir}/app,${app.dir}/resources/locale/",${app.dir}/uo

    to be able to compile correctly from inside SA, but these changes will be overwritten on each project save!

    So please give me a quick hint how to fix the css generating (changing meta or something else) to be able to reuse my project again!

    Maybe the bug depends on the newly introduced app.json.meta file!

    Cheers Holger

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    Currently i figured out, that the Reccource/Library used includeJs: falseincludeCss: false

    Setting this to true reenabled the use of custom style (new with latest release?)

    I did not made a change inside this.One issue still remains.The "classpath": "${app.dir}/app,${app.dir}/resources/locale/"
    seems to take precedence before my settings in sencha.cfgCurrently i do not have control what is written by SA.

    I think SA is hardly adding "${app.dir}/app" and also adding shortened ressource/JavaScript library pathes.

    Maybe there is a need to add classpath via project config.

    This worked in a former CMD release by adding classpath inside sencha.cfg!
    I currently remove classpath setting from .sencha/app and added it to .sencha/workspaceworkspace.classpath=${app.dir}/uo

    Now it seems to work?!?

    It would be nice to have an info concerning such ground breaking changes inside release notes!

    Is this the prefered way of using custom libs?

    If yes, please update the sencha api docs on using such things.

    Cheers Holger

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    Yes updating your classpath was a good idea. We however do not update the classpath for you. Possibly when you upgrade your version of Cmd it updated sencha.cfg?
    Phil Strong

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