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Thread: How to use a custom font?

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    If the font has a name that consists of multiple words, you'll have to write them with quotation marks. So

    //one word fonts
    Tungsten, Helvetica, sans-serif
    //multiple word fonts
    "Blender Pro Book", "Helvetica Neue", sans-serif
    //or combined
    "Blender Pro Book", Tungsten, sans-serif
    Having to write complex font names with quotations is part of CSS specification:

    For multiple versions of Tungsten you will still have to create multiple custom fonts. CSS does not support font versions when you specify a font-family - you can define font-weight, font-style, font-size, but it is not possible to have your browser automatically pick Tungsten-Light or Tungsten-Medium depending on which font-weight you choose. For all purposes, these are seen as 2 separate fonts and should be used that way.

    Take a look at further font CSS specification here: and also in Animator documentation:

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    Oh gosh, that's right, I forgot about quotation marks. Thanks for linking to all the documentation as well!

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    I have the actual version 1.5 build 219 of Sencha Animator and still have that same problem. I mean that bug has been reported 4 months ago. Does Sencha not fix bugs?

    I have used your refresh workaround by using the complete path to the font files
    file:///Users/name/Desktop/zwei Berge.animproj/assets/fontfile.ttf

    and it worked. But I must tell you, working with several fonts like in my case, and each font of course needs the 4 file formats eot ttf wof svg for compatibility, it is a lot of dumb work changing all paths and changing them back. I, and certainly every Sencha Animator user would appreciate if you could do a little maintenance to your app now and then.

    Additionally, the workaround only worked for the first font. Attempting the same with the second font did not change anything, still displaying Helvetica. So, a bug fix is really needed.

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    Use the following steps to installing the custom font
    • Copy the desired font (zip) file to your phones internal or external SD.
    • Reboot your device into CWM/TWRP recovery mode. If you do not know the hardware key-combo to enter recovery, try one of these apps
    • Do not forget to backup your current ROM before trying the fonts.
    • In the recovery mode, select the Install option (in TWRP) or install zip from sdcard (in CWM).
    • Navigate to the font zip file, select it and confirm the installation.
    • When the font is flashed, wipe dalvik cache.
    • Finally, reboot the device.

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