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Thread: Architect 3 functioning samples

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    Default Architect 3 functioning samples

    Hallo, can anybody indicate a set of FUNCTIONING samples for Architect 3?
    I would like to try the functionality but cannot find good/functioning examples.

    The examples I have found on github are for architect 2.
    At load these are converted but generate failures such as this:
    Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45
    [WRN] Failed to resolve package ext-theme-classic
    [ERR] Theme "ext-theme-classic" not found
    [ERR] Required package "ext-theme-classic" not found

    Also loading the own templates in Architect 3, I cannot make them work. Possibly I have to change something?
    For example the "MVC template" where the Run action button does not produce any effect.

    I must say that the installation looks ok and small examples I did with Architect3 are working including web server.
    THank you and hope for some help from the commuinty or sencha team,

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    Sorry you're running into issues. Once you have opened and upgrade the projects, try going to "Edit->Project Setting->Disable Build Tools->Save" once saved, re-enable build tools. Does that fix the errors (other than the upgrade errors)?

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    Thanks arnebech ,
    Indeed the framework building tools are disabled in the architect 2 examples found. After enabling it works.

    The steps done for testing have been:
    Got TouchSimpleExamples-master from
    Tried 2 examples:
    Load forms.xda in sencha architect 3 ,
    Load navigationview.xda
    Note: needs to click twice in finder on xda file, first opens only architect, 2nd loads forms in architect;

    Went each time to Edit> project settings> Framework>found: build tools are disabled
    Enabled build tools , then saved.
    Then build web application tested in browser and it works!
    Thank you for the tip to look in setting .. tools.

    Please note that in the terminal where I have used sencha web start I get the following warning:
    [WRN] Could not load jar:file:/Users/XXX/bin/Sencha/Cmd/!/jetty-dir.css true 1383850152000 text/css Thu, 07 Nov 2013 18:49:12 GMT

    Any suggestion, since I have followed all steps for installation of Sencha bundle?
    Best regards

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    This one works with Architect 3.

    Have fun!

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