I have a Grouped Bar chart similar to the Sencha example Grouped Bar chart (Months of year on Y axis, Number of hits on X axis) -- except instead of only 3 data fields grouped for each month, I have 19 data fields for each month (!).

With this high number of fields grouped, the bars are understandably very thin. Is there a way so that if a field does not have any "Number of Hits" (number of hits = 0), that field will not show for the given month?

Since most fields do not have a number of hits value populated for each month, it would greatly improve the data visibility.

I have tried to mess with minimum and maximum constraints but all grouped fields are still displayed.

I am using ExtJS 4.2.2

Thank you

Example: I have 19 fields for each month, named A-S. For the month of January, only fields A, B, and C have a "Number of Hits" value greater than zero. For this month, I would like if only fields A, B, and C were shown.