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Thread: Is Sencha something for me?

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    Default Is Sencha something for me?

    I'm thinking of creating my first webapp for phone. I have only developed native apps before so it's time to learn something new! I was wondering if Sencha is the way to go to do something like this as a test project:

    Create a simple quiz game. When the game starts, the player decides number of players (pass and play), fetches the questions for all players from a json feed and store the questions, who's turn it is etc in memory and starts the game.
    First player answers his question, then second player etc. When a player answers something incorrect, he loses and the rest of the players continue playing.

    In a native app this is easily done, but how is it in Sencha as a first time app? Any suggestions or thoughts? Is it easy to hold the game state in memory with player names, all questions, player turn etc? Haven't done much in javascript. Or is there a better solution than Sencha to create an app like this? I wan't it to be runnable on multiple smartphones.

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    Sure you can do something like this in Touch. You can easily maintain the state of your game using models and stores. I would recommend taking a look at the guides and the Kitchen Sink example to get a good idea of the components available to build your app.!/guide/apps_intro
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