I have a Mac OS 10.9 and a Macbook Pro and I would like to work with the sencha architect 3.. But the architect 3 not with me...

With Mac OS I posted this error: http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?277024
No android build possible....

After a lot of days and hours.......... I bought Paralells 9 with the hope that the build of an android app will work on Windows 8...

Now on simulation an android app... The cmd freeze on this line:

[INF] -native-package-mobile:[INF]      [echo] Running default mobile packager config.
[INF]      [echo] 
[INF]      [echo]     Processing Mobile Packager config file
[INF]      [echo]         config: C:\Sencha\Touch/packager.json
[INF]      [echo]         inputPath: C:\Sencha\Touch/build/native/MyApp
[INF]      [echo]         outputPath: C:\Sencha\Touch/build/native-package-mobile/MyApp/packager.json
[INF]      [echo] Running mobile packager action run on file C:\Sencha\Touch/packager.temp.json

On building android app... it freeze on this line:

[INF] -after-native-package:[INF] 
[INF] -build:
[INF] -after-build:
[INF] build:
[INF] app-build:

I JUST WANT TO BUILD AN ANDROID APP.... But it seems to be not possible. I always use the Sencha Touch example "Touch Maps" without any changes. Just to look how it works...... if it works...

Does anybody successful runs a Android App with Sencha ARchitect 3????? Currently I think: NO


Angry Thandaro