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Thread: transferring project files

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    A person on my team just got Ext Js Designer to help me with design changes. He currently has Designer version 1.2.0. I have been doing all of our design changes on my machine which is running version 1.1.2. He has a copy of the project file on his machine. When he tries to open it he is first prompted with a message asking him to update his designer application. When he tries to update his project he gets a message saying something along the lines of update failed, Error Code 5. If he then proceeds to open the project file, it opens but certain things are messed up. We use empty text on all our form fields, but when we open the project file on his machine, the label value for each field is populated with 'Label:' so the 'Label:' is displayed all over our application. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a way I could roll back his designer version? Thanks.

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    You can go to the following file location and ensure he has the same ion file as you. If there is a greater version in there go ahead and remove it. You might also have to remove that newer version from the install location otherwise it will keep trying to move in the newer ion file.

    I assume all of this as Ext Designer 1.1 is super outdated and I came on during the rewrite that was 1.2 and eventually became Architect. Suggest checking out Sencha Architect. It should still upgrade your Ext Designer project.

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