Hi Guys,

I have a form with a combox, where the combobox potentially can have a lot of data. And often the user might not want to open the combobox. It appears that if you load the form with XML the combobox will display the contents of the valueField, i.e. the id, not the text, if you don't preload the data.

It works properly if you do combobox.store.load() before setting the value of course.

But because of the data size I would like to be able to pass the display value somehow when loading the data of the form. So basically instead of only the hiddenName, also pass the displayField or so in the XML.

Is there an option to do this?

I can come up with a workaround, but a bit annoying: instead of loading all the values of the combobox, load it initially with a store with just the display and value that is shown. When the trigger is clicked, the value data set is retrieved. You can do this by setting mode to "remote". But there would still be some overhead (a call from every combobox on the form to the backend, due to the way my system is structured, even though the initial dataset would be very small of course; but potentially could be quite a few requests).

I hope the question is clear: can you set the display value of a combobox when loading the XML for a form, without having to load the stores of the comboboxes first.