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Thread: Store is undefined

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    Default Store is undefined

    I'm creating a simple store in coffeescript but it returns as undefined when I call it in the browser console `Ext.getStore('visitors')`

        Ext.define '',
            extend: ''
            model: 'heroico.model.Visitor'
            storeId: 'visitors'
    If I create it without actually extending `''` I can find it via `getStore` method but then I can't load it in my controller in the `stores` array:

        Ext.create '',
            model: 'heroico.model.Visitor'
            storeId: 'visitors'
    Any idea why it would behave this way?

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    It seems there is a bug with Ext.getStore ( which returns undefined if Ex.create was not used and, since i'm using Ext.define, I can't load my store. Is there a way around this?

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    Ext.define does not create an instance of your store. You still need to either use new, Ext.create, or specify the type/storeId on something like a grid to end up with an instance.


    New vs. Ext.create

    Ext.grid.Panel store config - see slemmon comment

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