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Thread: How to merge two project in sencha architect 2

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    Default How to merge two project in sencha architect 2

    Hello Team,

    I have Created two different project on two different machine.
    Both the project have same project structure.
    Both the projects have one main view port and one main Form panel.
    Now I want to merge both the project and form into one machine using the same tool.

    But we didn't get any solution.

    I have been gone through following steps (which was not working)

    1. I have manually edit view/controller files under metadata folder.
    2. I have also copied the code of one viewport to another one, but code won't reflect in the SA2.
    3. I have also copied all the files of one project to another one. but again it won't reflect in SA2.

    This is getting really very frustrating ,
    Team, any idea how to merge two different projects/files into single one.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    As you are seeing; manually editing Architect files is tricky. There are no easy ways to merge two projects together.

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    so folks... what is the answer to this question? anyone?

    How are multiple programmers supposed to work with Sencha architect?

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    Default Dropbox?

    Why don't you try storing the project in a folder on Dropbox that is accesible between both developers?

    That's what I have been doing for my Sencha Touch projects and it has worked very well. Just remember to do regular backups for major versions.

    When I used the demo of architect I seem to remember that you can archive projects so I would also do that. I take it you have not exported the files you require from one project and imported into the other (right click on view / model / store etc and export to file, the import to the other project?)


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    Hi Carlos..did you get any solution to this? I am really wondering if there is any practical way (not manually merging the metadata jsons) out there to regularly merge the project files? I too want multiple developers in my team to work on the same Architect project independently and then regularly merge & test the integrated version on their local machines.

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    Unfortunately I did not find nor heard a solution for this. So until Sencha develops a two way solution (allows you to manually edit any part of the code, while keeping the WYSIWYG model up to date), I will not be able to use Architect. It's just too impractical for a team of more than 1 person working at the same time.

    sorry I was not very helpful.

    // Carlos

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