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    Good day.

    For personal interest I wanted to ask how in ExtJS it is going testing.
    As I know before ExtJS 4, it was used YUI Test

    For ExtJS 4 it was written about 4 000 tests on Jasmine.
    But in fact it is needed some user behavior testing.

    Do you use Selenium or Web Driver for that?

    I like Saucelabs with Web Driver, but documentation on using it almost does not exist.
    Only click samples.

    I payed attention at Siesta of Bryntum,
    it is nice and API is good.
    But what stops me, I would like to use possibility to run tests with screenshots and see than if needed video on running it like in Saucelabs.

    Just would like to know how Sencha solve this.

    In JQuery UI, Qunitjs exist. By source it is visible that it is used some simulating where possible.
    I wonder do developers every time run by themselves this tests or use some services like saurcelabs for

    It is a bit not clear for me circle of developing over tests,
    although I read already much on it.

    I read in twitters and some resources that Jasmine is cool.
    But in fact it is just testing functions.
    How it is possible to develop some UI without testing dom manipulating over events.

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    For unit tests we use Jasmine. For behavior testing we have some home grown things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchellsimoens View Post
    For unit tests we use Jasmine. For behavior testing we have some home grown things.
    Thank you very much for reply
    I felt that it should be some more than jasmine.

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    check out siesta !

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    I am trying to test Sencha Apps using Rational Test Workbench. But The playback is not working properly as some of the buttons are not being pressesd during playback. Any one can help me? Thanks.

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