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Thread: Support for iOS icons seems limited?

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    Default Support for iOS icons seems limited?

    Reported this before but somehow the original thread seems to have vanished...

    According to only 2x2 icon sizes are supported for iOS. Btw, the Apple icon docs link there is broken, should now be

    With the advent of iOS 7 the below would be a more appropriate list.

      /* iOS icon docs: */
      "icon": {
        "57": "resources/icons/iOS/Icon.png",
        "114": "resources/icons/iOS/[email protected]",
        "29": "resources/icons/iOS/Icon-Small.png",
        "58": "resources/icons/iOS/[email protected]",
        "40": "resources/icons/iOS/Icon-40.png",
        "80": "resources/icons/iOS/[email protected]",
        "50": "resources/icons/iOS/Icon-Small-50.png",
        "100": "resources/icons/iOS/[email protected]",
        "60": "resources/icons/iOS/Icon-60.png",
        "120": "resources/icons/iOS/[email protected]",
        "72": "resources/icons/iOS/Icon-72.png",
        "144": "resources/icons/iOS/[email protected]",
        "76": "resources/icons/iOS/Icon-76.png",
        "152": "resources/icons/iOS/[email protected]"
    However, the native build explicitly only considers the documented files. Info.plist only references those and they're the only ones copied to the .app package:
            <string>[email protected]</string>
            <string>[email protected]</string>
    Looks like a bug to me not just a missing feature.

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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    I have meanwhile referred to this bug too in my native packaging tutorial:

    Btw, what kind of status do I need to have in this forum until my posts do no longer have to be approved by a moderator?

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