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Thread: CMD override of sass class in app no longer works

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    Default CMD override of sass class in app no longer works

    Extjs Version: 4.2.1,
    Cmd version:,
    OS: Windows 7

    The application is building with the new Cmd, the only problem we are seeing is that we have some SASS files in the app that overrides sass file from another package but the final css does not have the override changes. We are maintaining the correct Folder structure and File name in the app/sass/src. It use to override just fine in previous version of Cmd.

    Is there any change in how the override of SASS works with this new Cmd ?

    FIXED: app.sass.namespace was not blank and that was causing the problem.
    Last edited by vikramark; 16 Oct 2013 at 12:45 PM. Reason: Fixed, app.sass.namespace was not blank.

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    Thanks for posting back with the fix you found to your issue. The community thanks you!

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