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Thread: Android Keyboard do not hide after texbox blur and number keyboard issue.

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    Default Android Keyboard do not hide after texbox blur and number keyboard issue.


    I am attaching tap event on the form panel for focus blur from all the textboxes.

    Ext.define('XXXXX.view.default.Login', {     extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',     xtype: 'login',     initialize: function() {         var me = this;         this.element.on({             scope: me,             tap: function(e, t) {                   var inputArray = document.getElementsByTagName('input');                 for (var index = 0; index < inputArray.length; index++) {                     if (inputArray[index].type = 'text') {                         if (!document.activeElement && != inputArray[index].id)                             document.getElementById(inputArray[index].id).blur();                      }                 }              }         });     },     config: {         title: 'Login',         items: [                      {                         xtype: 'textfield',                         label: 'Password',                         component: { type: 'tel' },                         placeHolder: 'Password',                         cls: 'password-style',                         labelCls: 'form-label-hide',                         maxLength: 4,                         itemId: 'passwordTextField',                         name: 'passwordTextField',                         autoComplete: false,                         required: true                     }           ]     } });


    Password Field:- I did add a component property to make as tel field for open a number keyboard and using CSS I am changing the text to password.

    When I focus on the password text box which is exactly a textfield but its not open the number keyboard instead of showing default keyboard.

    But if I remove the tap event from the initialize event so its work. Please help.


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    In what version of Android are you experiencing this problem?
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    Latest version Android 4.0

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