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Thread: node.js + extdirect + mongodb (but not mongoose) - any working sample code ?

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    Default node.js + extdirect + mongodb (but not mongoose) - any working sample code ?

    I'm working on a project and will get it done sooner or later. But if anyone has sample code I'd happily save time and gain confidence in my own efforts if I could see it.

    Using extdirect (Node.js Ext.Direct connector), node.js, and mongodb (MongoDB driver for Node.js wihtout mongoose), also Sencha Architect.

    Currently working on the create/read/update/destroy server side. Plenty of detail to get right. Phew. Any working example anywhere? Thank you.

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    I haven't seen any specific examples. First step is have you gotten the Ext.Direct working with Node?
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    I think someone is working on this. I've requested an example repo for NodeJS extdirect and also logged some security issues that I think are being addressed. (Note: ampro=tohagan).

    Tony O'Hagan

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