The PropertyAccess interface does not compile a class per interface. Instead it compiles a subset of a class and tries to reuse previous classes/methods.Here is an example of how this causes severe errors:protected interface AddressDTOProperty extends PropertyAccess<ICRUDObject<AddressDTO>> { @Editor.Path("dTO.type") public ValueProvider<ICRUDObject<AddressDTO>, AddressDTO.TYPE> type();}protected interface EmailDTOProperty extends PropertyAccess<ICRUDObject<EmailDTO>> { @Editor.Path("dTO.type") public ValueProvider<ICRUDObject<EmailDTO>, EmailDTO.TYPE> type();}Please note that the types are different. Instead GWT produces a single class that always returns an AddressDTO.TYPE even if I use the EmailDTOProperty reference in the code. Is there a flag I should set?RegardsPatrick