CalendarPicker is an extremely versatile and easy to implement Sencha Touch custom component that utilizes TouchTreeGrid to provide incredible flexibility for date selection and calendar display on Phones and Tablets. Calendars can be implemented with just a few configurations in overlay panels or traditional containers. Calendar is constructed using #months backward to #months forward configurations. Many features exist including: collapsible months for rapid single select, range select in single calendar popup, or multi-select random dates in single popup. Specific dates can be disabled from selection. Customizable styling exists for holidays, weekends, selected days, disabled days and custom days. Custom filters can be easily applied to only display specific months highlighting important upcoming dates. Day planner support is partially implemented and will be forthcoming. Provided examples work for Touch 2.2, 2.3-beta and for IE10/Windows phones.

Refer to file on GitHub for links to run samples on Browser or actual devices.

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