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Thread: GXT 3.0.6 is now available

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    Default GXT 3.0.6 is now available

    We're excited to announce the release of Sencha GXT 3.0.6. This version is available only to our active support subscribers. Support subscribers can download the latest version of GXT by logging in to the support portal at These fixes will all be generally available with the release of 3.1.0, scheduled for later this year.

    This release includes 60 bug fixes over 3.0.5, and includes up/down arrow support to scroll in the live grid, as well as enhanced Info position options.

    General Changes & Enhancements

    • Info messages can be positioned in any corner, will overflow to a new column when too many drawn
    • New Styled ComboBox example demonstrating custom ListView styling
    • Live Grid now responds to up/down arrow to scroll to next/previous item
    • Inline Grid editing draws error messages for validation or parsing problems
    API Changes

    • Added PagingToolbar.doEnableButtons(boolean enabled) which changes toolbar enabled/disabled during loading.
    • Update to CollapsePanel to allow passing in a custom CollapsePanelAppearance. Added a setIconConfig() method to override the expand icon.
    Bug Fixes

    • [EXTGWT-1789] - First menu bar item highlights when any menu bar item is clicked
    • [EXTGWT-2002] - Grid - Request Factory Grid - Data is not displaying after pagination for Subject Filters
    • [EXTGWT-2208] - Grid : Remote Filter Grid: Pagination tool bar is fade out once after any column headers are double clicked
    • [EXTGWT-2305] - Grid : Aggregation Grid: "Date" column header text is aligned to top upon mouse hover
    • [EXTGWT-2497] - Sort functionality is not working correctly after editing the data in grid.
    • [EXTGWT-2508] - If active page is greater then number of pages, last page is not displaying.
    • [EXTGWT-2550] - Grid - Filter Grid - After entering valid search criteria, column header highlighter (bold & italic) is disappearing when any column is checked / unchecked
    • [EXTGWT-2625] - Combos - Advanced Combo Box - Displaying exception error in IE8 while trying to filter data, in a specific scenario
    • [EXTGWT-2648] - GXT 3.0.2 - InvalidArgument (fontWeight) in the JS, but only in IE8? Is it a bug?
    • [EXTGWT-2669] - Binding - List Property Binding - Entered data is not displaying and data reflects in other cells in a specific scenario
    • [EXTGWT-2680] - Drag and Drop - Tree Grid To Tree Grid - Getting exception error after drag and drop and press Left arrow key
    • [EXTGWT-2692] - Drag and Drop - TreeGrid to TreeGrid - Getting exceptional error when trying to drag and drop leafs from Top panel to bottom panel
    • [EXTGWT-2700] - Grid -Inline Editable Grid - Unable to check/uncheck Indoor column checkbox using mouse click in chrome
    • [EXTGWT-2714] - CheckBoxes cant be changed with clicks in grid inline editing
    • [EXTGWT-2764] - AccordionLayoutContainer scrolling problem (IE only)
    • [EXTGWT-2773] - Bugs with ButtonBar in GXT ContentPanel, GXT FramedPanel (gxt-3.0.1)
    • [EXTGWT-2830] - TextButton doesn't retain focus correctly when clicking on icon
    • [EXTGWT-2837] - RowEditor cancel save buttons not aligned correctly when default text changed
    • [EXTGWT-2856] - Inline Editable Grid - Enter key not starting new edit after completing first edit
    • [EXTGWT-2859] - MenuBar that has child menu items don't propertly show items on mouse hover
    • [EXTGWT-2880] - GXT3 Grid Paging toolbar disabled after filtering
    • [EXTGWT-3003] - IE7/8 can send null event target in mouse events
    • [EXTGWT-3009] - Drag and Drop - Tree grid to Tree grid - Getting an exception error when left arrow key is pressed after clicking on the empty area inside the grid
    • [EXTGWT-3036] - ComboBoxCell should not force use of PagingLoadConfig/Result
    • [EXTGWT-3045] - Disbled Buttons added to a PagingToolBar are always enabled
    • [EXTGWT-3047] - Binding - List Property Binding- Unable to edit any cell in "Name" column in the grid using mouse click
    • [EXTGWT-3050] - LiveGrid - Unable to drag the vertical scroll bar
    • [EXTGWT-3065] - GridInlineEditing with ClicksToEdit.ONE not possible with Firefox
    • [EXTGWT-3068] - Popup with animation not implemented / working
    • [EXTGWT-3069] - TextButton inline-block causes layout issues in certain cases
    • [EXTGWT-3071] - Can't create column headers with rowspan before first group header
    • [EXTGWT-3073] - CollapsePanel should support custom Appearance
    • [EXTGWT-3077] - ListStore remove(M model) does not update private data member "debugKeys"
    • [EXTGWT-3083] - Grid - Grouping Grid - Sorting is not happening from the second time onwards by clicking on same column header
    • [EXTGWT-3085] - MenuBar keyboard navigation onLeft and onRight would not select adjacent menu
    • [EXTGWT-3088] - Info popup not invoking Show/HideHandlers
    • [EXTGWT-3089] - Menubar onclick does not toggle menu on and off
    • [EXTGWT-3092] - 2 Minor Issues at ReorderingTree Example
    • [EXTGWT-3096] - DatePicker setStartDay not working
    • [EXTGWT-3099] - ComboBox keyboard nav scroll into view broken
    • [EXTGWT-3103] - Issue with the TreeGridView.getElement() method
    • [EXTGWT-3106] - TextMetrics bind not clearing previous styles
    • [EXTGWT-3107] - MessageBox - Buttons are not center aligned for "Progress" and "Yes/No/Cancel"
    • [EXTGWT-3111] - Misc - Window State - The window size is inconsistent
    • [EXTGWT-3117] - ComboBox does not collapse drop down if user tabs off field before query results are displayed
    • [EXTGWT-3120] - Live Grid loses selection on column resize
    • [EXTGWT-3122] - Window esc ignores children stopPropagation. Change to keyDown handler and remove on preview event.
    • [EXTGWT-3124] - Misc - Info - Getting an exception error when clicked on "Show Info"button after deleting the default data from "Display (ms)" field
    • [EXTGWT-3125] - Misc - Info - Tooltip is still displaying when the data in "Display (ms)" field is below the minimum value
    • [EXTGWT-3137] - In reorderingtree example click and scroll causes drag prevent scroll info dialog
    • [EXTGWT-3139] - Update Window JavaDoc to describe use of forceLayout after adding / removing contained widgets
    • [EXTGWT-3147] - Grid - Live Grid - By default the text "Displaying" is not properly displayed
    • [EXTGWT-3150] - LiveToolItem text not vertically centered
    • [EXTGWT-3152] - Grid - Row Expander Grid - Unable to collapse any rows, once it is expanded after "Company" and "Symbol" columns are unchecked, in IE7

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    Hi Colin,

    I was wondering: what are the plans for future versions of GXT. In the past you had public roadmaps and before GXT 3.0 you were advertizing quite a bit on where you were heading with GXT. After the release of 3.0, however, it felt as if development had stopped (which is also the impression if you look at, for example, at your blog or the highlights post on sencha devcon; gxt just does not appear). So I was happy to see you talking about version 3.1. I would really appreciate if you would be more transparent on your plans with GXT. Since there is no public ticket system, or in fact any information it is a bit difficult to "plan" with GXT.

    A good example of how such information can be transported to users is set by Vaadin:


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    Is there a master list of bugs which have been resolved since 3.0.1?

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    acerberus: As luck would have it we've been working on a roadmap to share for a few weeks, and have just posted it on our blog:

    strootman: We post the release notes for each release on the blog, so you could search for the earlier releases. Additionally, the release notes file within each release have notes for each release that came before it.

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    When will the GPL version get updated to a more recent version?

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    kjordan2001, these fixes will be in 3.1.0, the next public release. Check out for more details.

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    In the roadmap-blog-post, you postet:
    In the near term (Q4 2013), we are planning the release of GXT 3.1
    what are your current timeframes?

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    In order to support GWT 2.6 which included API breaking changes for a library like GXT, we had to delay until after 2.6 was out - it finally shipped mid last month. GXT 3.1 beta was released yesterday - we have a new forum for it at including an announcement post, and a blog post will go up later today.

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