I have a FormPanel. Inside form panel i have a combobox. I am using UIBinder for creating my UI.

I am creating combobox like this -

interface TrackerActionProperties extends PropertyAccess<TrackerActionEntry> {
ModelKeyProvider<TrackerActionEntry> actionCode();
LabelProvider<TrackerActionEntry> actionName();

TrackerActionProperties actionProps = GWT.create(TrackerActionProperties.class);

ListStore<TrackerActionEntry> actionListStore = new ListStore<TrackerActionEntry>(actionProps.actionCode());

@UiField(provided = true)
final FormPanel formPanel = new FormPanel();

@UiField(provided = true)
final ComboBox<TrackerActionEntry> actionCombobox = new ComboBox<TrackerActionEntry>(actionListStore, actionProps.actionName());

On Clicking submit button -
if (formPanel.isValid()) {
formPanel.setMethod(Method.POST); formPanel.setEncoding(FormPanel.Encoding.MULTIPART);


The form is submitting directly to one of the servlet. The servlet is reading the form params in doPost method. On getting the string value for the actionCombobox (whose name is action in ui.xml file), I get the display text. For eg if my TrackerActionEntry object is (actionCode=UC,actionName=UpdateCall), then in the servlet I am getting UpdateCall instead of UC.

Am I missing something. GXT should automatically do it for me right or I need to do it differently.