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Thread: `sencha generate app` error "Workspace does not have framework touch at ..."

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    Default `sencha generate app` error "Workspace does not have framework touch at ..."

    ~/Desktop/server/htdocs/touch sencha generate app Foobar ../Foobar
    Sencha Cmd v3.1.2.342
    [INF] Workspace does not have framework touch at /Users/holmes/Desktop ... copying
    [ERR] null
    This keeps happening. ~/Desktop/server/htdocs/touch exists too. What's going on?

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    It worked when I moved my sdk directory to ~/Desktop. I moved the sdk dir and app dir to the destination I originally wanted. Weird how it doesn't work some of the times.

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    This happened to me after I have accidentally generated the app in one directory above where I have intended. I have deleted the generated files afterwards, but missed .sencha directory. This was causing this error. After removing .sencha directory, I was able to generate a new app in a subdirectory

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    As @asbestosGirl mentioned, this sounds like a rouge workspace.json or .sencha directory in your /Users/holmes/Desktop directory.
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