When I swipe up or down and a form field element is under where I've swiped (touchmove event target(s) include Ext.field.Field - mainly textfield), the page drags instead of scrolls. By drag, I mean the page top and bottom, including docked navigationview titlebar etc moves the respective up or down instead of content scrolling - although scrolling can still trigger, though "jump to" is a better description.

Swipe up with the touchmove targets the scrollbar, a title or a component-free space, then this form is smooth and free-flowing - although the scrolling can sometimes get a little jittery if the target is other than scrollbar region. I'm aware of bug TOUCH-2704.

I thought the issue may be related to using a formpanel in a tabpanel, but another form elsewhere (formpanel in a card container) displays the identical aberrations of page dragging instead of scrolling if the swipe targets include form fields.

Sencha Touch: 2.1
Developing in: Architect 2.2.2:991
Building using: Cmd v3.1.2.342