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Thread: example doesn't work

    Looks like we cannot reproduce this. Please provide another test case to reproduce this issue.
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    Default example doesn't work


    I am using an example from your documentation, the following:
     Ext.create('', {    renderTo: Ext.getBody(),
        height: 100,
        width: 200,
        items: [
                // Explicitly define the xtype of this Component configuration.
                // This tells the Container (the tab panel in this case)
                // to instantiate a Ext.panel.Panel when it deems necessary
                xtype: 'panel',
                title: 'Tab One',
                html: 'The first tab',
                listeners: {
                    render: function() {
                        Ext.MessageBox.alert('Rendered One', 'Tab One was rendered.');
                // this component configuration does not have an xtype since 'panel' is the default
                // xtype for all Component configurations in a Container
                title: 'Tab Two',
                html: 'The second tab',
                listeners: {
                    render: function() {
                        Ext.MessageBox.alert('Rendered One', 'Tab Two was rendered.');
    But it doesn't work and I get exception:
    But this is not code I have even written, it is copy paste directly from your documentation.

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    The example worked ok for me when I tested in 4.2.1.

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