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Thread: how to know if textfield is edited

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    Default how to know if textfield is edited

    Hello All ,
    This is my first ever post on Sencha.

    I have 2 textfields say 1 and 2 . and an action button.
    instance 1: now if i enter a value in textfield1 and delete it now i enter something in textfield2 say "3" and click on action button , it should consider textfield1's value as 0 and textfield2 as 3 ..
    instance 2: but if i do not take my cursor in either of them and click on button then it should throw an alert.

    so in short i wanna know if the textfield has ever been 'touched'(taken the cursor into) by the user until the action button is clicked
    i tried isDirty() but it didn work for me .
    is there anyway to go about this?


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    isDirty will tell you if the current value does not equal the original value which means it has been edited.
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