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Thread: It's possible to disable the store load?

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    Default It's possible to disable the store load?

    Not find any topic with this, so I'm creating a new question. Let's say that I added a Store in my Architect project. To let the IDE create the fields to me I didn't applied any security in the url at this first time.

    Depending on time, the link can be offline, or I security constraints can be already applied, like a user must be logged in, for example.

    The problem is that the annoying message that informs about the store being not accessible is displaying all the time. This is configurable?

    To be more specific, the message is:

    Unable to load data using the supplied configuration.
    Open in Browser: http...

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    There is currently no option to disable auto loading inside of Architect if you have the autoLoad property set.

    If this really bothers you right now, the easiest way to get around this would be not to set autoLoad to true and to manually load the stores via code.
    Aaron Conran

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