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Thread: Download File on('click')

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    Quote Originally Posted by PLaYoNe View Post
    hi i dont understand this line:

    params: {method:'requestDownload',id:fileId},

    the url has to be the same than src: 'somelocation.php?file=file_to_download' ?
    He explained in his post that his download is a two step process.

    He does the Ajax request first, to ask the server if it's OK to download the file. If the response is success, then he adds the iframe and does the actual download.

    His code doesn't show where or how the config object is being created, but we can see he has a values.urlSubmit which contains a URL for ajax posting a request to see if it's OK to do the download...

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    Default What to do with DirectJNgine

    I need functionality that will call DirectJNgine methods to download some files. It would be like I want to download some blob in a DB and I make DirectJNgine calls to get the blob (or bits), but how do I get these downloaded to the browser. These examples use hiddern frames and forms, but call some PHP to get the bytes. I need to call java methods WITH parameters via DirectJNgine. Can this be done?

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    Super! Thanks a lot Mainegreen.
    Is it really necessary to try to destroy the iframe first? without that it also works..

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