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Thread: Scalext: Ext Direct Implementation in Scala

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    Default Scalext: Ext Direct Implementation in Scala

    I've started work on a Scala implementation for Ext Direct, so far i got a few examples working in a example project I will be implementing all examples from the documentation, and some extra real-time components using websockets later.

    For now it only works with Play Framework 2.1, future versions will be framework independent and will contain unit-tests to ensure stable versions.

    I would like to hear from the community which Scala frameworks are popular in combination with Ext JS, and any ideas/suggestions to improve the library.

    The project can be found at Github

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    Thanks for your willingness to share your successes with others in the community. Hopefully folks will reply back with what they'd like to see.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Default Scalext example compilation error - not enough arguments for constructor Remotable

    Hi Rovak,
    When I download and build the Scalext example, I get the following error -
    [error] C:\scalext-example\app\controllers\DirectTest.scala:11: not enough arguments for constructor Remotable: (name: String)com.scalext.annotations.Remotable.
    Can you please advise on this.

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