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Thread: Mouse / Touch issue on Surface

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    Default Mouse / Touch issue on Surface

    I know that is not officially supported, but we have succesfully develop a web app used in both IPAD and Windows 7 tablets (using Chrome)

    To achive this we had to change the function:

    Touch: function() {
    return this.isEventSupported('touchstart') && !(Ext.os &&|MacOS|Linux/) && !;


    Touch: function() {
    return this.isEventSupported('touchstart');

    to allow Chrome on Windows 7 tablets to scroll using fingers.

    Now some our customers are trying to use Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro and we are facing a new issue:

    Without patch Mouse works but touch scroll no (as before)
    Using patch scroll start working but mouse is completely ignored...

    Seems that Sencha frameworkgot confused on which events subscribe.

    Someone have a clue how to fix this ?

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    Did you have any update ?

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