I'm making an app in which you can drag and drop to rearrange items in a grid. If the grid is larger than the screen area I'd like the screen to scroll up or down when you move a draggable to the edge of the screen. I'm using Sencha Touch 2.1.

This works. Except that the draggable has no idea where it's droppables are after moving the screen down..

onDrag: function (draggable, e, offsetX, offsetY) {
        var scrollable = this.getScrollable().getScroller(),

        if (offsetY >= 700) {
            currentY = draggable.getElement().getY();
            //actually moves the element
            draggable.getElement().setY(currentY + 20);
            scrollable.scrollBy(0, 20);
            //does not move the element.
            //draggable.setOffset(offsetX, offsetY += 40);
Any help or ideas?