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Thread: (4.2) Row selection within Grid scrolls when not needed. Chrome bug. Works in IE.

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    Default (4.2) Row selection within Grid scrolls when not needed. Chrome bug. Works in IE.

    I have a grid panel with view with many rows in it. In Chrome if I scroll down and select a row then the grid panel will highlight the row and scroll to put it in the vertical middle all while leaving the pointer where the row used to be. This is not the desired behavior. It should highlight the row where it exists and not scroll the row to the middle. This prohibits the end user from double clicking a row that is not in the vertical middle. In IE it is OK.

    Any assistance with this would be helpful. I am using Ext JS 4.2 Build date: 2013-03-11 22:33:40.

    I have attached two images. One IE and one Chrome. It should demonstrate the issue. I clicked on the last row in the viewable grid. IE highlights the row, Chrome scrolls it to the middle




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    I've tried reproducing the issue and thus far I'm not able to. Can you point to an example on the examples page on where you see the issue? Or do you have a test case you could provide that demonstrates the issue?

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    Will do....Monday

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    Can I wrap up an architect project with some json and send it to you?



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