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Thread: Sencha Messagebox and Overlay Problems on HTC One Browser

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for TOUCH-4418 in Touch 2.3.0-b3 (36).
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    Default Sencha Messagebox and Overlay Problems on HTC One Browser

    Ext version tested: Sencha Touch 2.2, Sencha Touch 2.1 (in Phonegap)
    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome on HTC One (Android 4.1.2)
    Stock HTC One Browser (Android 4.1.2)

    Description: Sencha Messageboxes and the like won't release focus after clearing them in the stock browser or webviews on an HTC One. This problem doesn't happen on Chrome or on other Android 4.1.2 phones AFAIK. Tested a Samsung Galaxy 3 today and all worked as smooth as iOS.
    Steps to reproduce the problem: Using an HTC One, go to the Sencha Kitchen Sink demo here: Tap on 'Alert', and then 'OK'. Works fine in Chrome. Does not work in either stock browser or in a webview (so no PhoneGap/Cordova either). Focus is not released, screen is dimmed and locked.
    Does anyone know of a software workaround that will allow Sencha Touch 2.X to work on an HTC One? Or are we stuck waiting/hoping for HTC to roll out an update?

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

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    I also experienced NavigationView back button issue on HTC One. It doesn't let me go back from pushed view.

    Shall we wait for an update patch addressing the issue related with HTC One soon?


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    Default Temporary fix

    I ran into the same problem, I narrowed down the problem to the popOut animation for the MessageBox. Usually when the PopOut animation ends finishes, the view has display:none, but on the htc one the message box is not visible, but display is not none. The transform does not finish, and for that reason the message box appears to have been hidden. The problem is that the mask is fullscreen, and is still covering the rest of the view. I found, even if you hide the mask, it solves one problem, but if try to show a new messagebox later on in your app, it will be invisible, because it is still in this weird transformed form.

    I hacked around the problem to quickly get something working by removing the popOut animation from Sencha's messagebox code.

    in messagebox.js
    set hideAnimation to null instead of:

    hideAnimation: { type: 'popOut', duration: 250, easing: 'ease-out' },

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    It also affects ActionSheet...i'm highly frustrated with Sencha Touch and Senchas update policies. I'm switching from native development to save some time while deploying apps for ios and android. But now i spend the time while looking for workarounds.

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    I override all component animation and so works well.

                    Ext.define('Ext.Component', {
                        override: 'Ext.Component',
                        show: function (animation) {
                            return this.callParent([false]);
                        hide: function (animation) {
                            return this.callParent([false]);

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    I have the same problem with overlays on my acer tablet with Android 4.2.2.

    The kitchen sink demo works fine in Chrome on this tablet. However in the app I am developing which embeds Sencha into a Phone Gap project I have to set hideAnimation to null for overlay to work properly.

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    I got a new HTC ONE(802d), tested on android 4.1.2(device origin version after buying) and then 4.2.2(official ota update), both have the same problem, no matter st-2.0.x or st-2.2.x. Chrome browser works fine, but stock browser or webviews behave oddly:

    Not only Messageboxes, seems all the handlers in animation(component.hide(), for example) cannot be invoked correctly.

    I traced the suspect code to, but it too hard for me to go further more(debug animation related code is just a nightmare).

    I temporarily fix it by add:

    Ext.Msg.defaultAllowedConfig.showAnimation = false
    Ext.Msg.defaultAllowedConfig.hideAnimation = false

    to messagebox, and for Ext.Sheet, I use sheet.hide(false).

    Hope sencha team can fix this bug as soon as possible, after HTC ONE, many htc device will update to 4.1.2/4.2.2 and sense 5.0.

    Since htc has open its kernel and sense source code(, hope somebody can dig what htc messed to webkit.

    PS: I also got a htc one X(earlier device than new htc one), with android 4.1.1 and sense 4.x on it, just work fine. I am waiting for ota update to 4.2.2(hopefully in August) and test again.

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    Default using workaround

    using appglu's workaround in my code (took me a few months to get back to this project). Seems to be working great on a friend's HTC One.

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    @appglu - you saved my day. Your temporary solution seems to fix the issue. Thanks

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