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    Hi,<br><br>I am new to extjs and am looking to port an application from Ext 3 to Ext 4; In doing so, I have managed to separate concerns fairly well, but some of the features of ExtJS elude me. In this case, I am curious about a high level overview of the various pieces of the Drag and Drop package and how they inter-relate. My application requires, for the moment, a dataview populated with icons; those icons can then be dragged and dropped into a receiving panel. There seem to be a number of descriptions of how to achieve this, from plugins to user generated classes. By the same token there is the DD package native to Extjs. So I am looking for&nbsp;clarification&nbsp;as to best practices as well as the various roles that DD elements play in relation to one another.<br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Jordan

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    The best primer for Drag and Drop that I've seen is one of the guides on the Sencha docs site:

    Other than that you might look at the drag/drop examples from the Sencha examples page. One I like to refer to is:

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    I hadn't seen the second reference. Looking more into the problem now.

    Appreciate the feedback.

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