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Thread: Paging with Ext.grid.RowNumberer

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    Question Paging with Ext.grid.RowNumberer


    Is there a way to continue the sequence of numbering onto page 2,3 etc when paging through results?

    At the moment, if I move onto a different page of Results then the numbering restarts from 1-30. It would be useful, for example, for results to start at #31 on page 2 - this would give the user a better visual clue that they are being presented a different set of results.

    Is this possible?

    Many thanks,

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    Not without extending the RowNumberer. One of the problems is it doesn't pass the PagingToolbar to do the renderer, so it would be a bit of a hack.

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    Question Is there a way that...

    Is there a way that I can display the row number in a grid manually then? Crucially, I don't want the number associated with the search result.
    So for example, if I reordered the results by date/name etc. I would still want the first page to display 1 through to 30 and page 2 to display 31 - 60 etc.

    Sorry, I am new to Javascript and Extjs so I may be missing something easy here.

    Thanks for any help.


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