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Thread: Ext-JS 4.2 - IE10 feature detection - Direct2DBug is 0

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for a bug in our system in a recent build.
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    Default Ext-JS 4.2 - IE10 feature detection - Direct2DBug is 0

    Test case:

    Using an IE10 browser, open up the console and execute Ext.supports.Direct2DBug. It will return 0.

    Expected result:

    Should return a truthy value. I'm basing this off the code from Support.js.

             * @property Direct2DBug True if when asking for an element's dimension via offsetWidth or offsetHeight,
             * getBoundingClientRect, etc. the browser returns the subpixel width rounded to the nearest pixel.
             * @type {Boolean}
                identity: 'Direct2DBug',
                fn: function() {
                    return Ext.isString( && Ext.isIE10m;
    The strange thing is, I can execute the line from the return statement on the console in IE10 and get true. So it seems something is wrong with feature detection.

    This looks like an especially frustrating bug because it makes the tooltip text go haywire in IE10. I experimented with tooltip examples setting the Direct2DBug back to true in IE10 and it looked like it took care of the wrapping issues many are reporting.

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    Indeed, we already have this one fixed for 4.2.1. Thanks for the post.
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    Hi Evan,

    Could you share a fix if possible?
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