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Thread: Linked classes and events binding...

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    Exclamation Linked classes and events binding...

    When you promote a component to a class in order to reuse it, SA doesn't keep linked class' events if you bind any event of an instance.

    I explain...

    1) I have a component which inherits "Ext.container.ButtonGroup", containing 3 combo + a button (X) for each.


    2) I've set some custom events and handled the "afterrender" event of my component.


    3) I drag/drop my component to a toolbar (I chosed "link", not "copy" or "move") so I have a new instance of my original component :


    4) As you can see on the screenshot, I bind two custom events defined in the original component.
    And this is the problem:
    If I bind at less one event, SA writes this behind :

    Well, but in fact, if you set the "listeners" property like this, it overrides all listeners defined by the original component, so the "afterrender" event is never fired.

    If I remove the two event catching, the "afterrender" event is fired.

    The problem appears with all of my custom component that I reuse.

    My bad workaroud is to not catch event with SA, but in the "afterrender" of the parent control which contains the linked component, manually catch events like "mycomp.on("FilterChanged", function blahblah)"....

    I hope you will be able to only add events catching in the "listeners" property (and override existing ones) but KEEP other events that are not mentionned explicitly.

    (Sorry for my English..)

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    Thanks for this, I can see how that could be a problem. I'm opening a ticket in our tracking system, so we can try to handle adding listeners in a way that doesn't clobber those of the parent.

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    Question Bump

    Any progress ?

    Can we expect a fix for the next SA release (SA 3) ?

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    Default Hum..

    Just to say that it is really a problem for us...

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