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Thread: Sencha Cmd and ExtJS 4.2 theme questions using SASS

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    Quote Originally Posted by dongryphon View Post
    How is your package stored in relation to the SDK? The message implies that the package and the SDK are not in the expected relative path.

    Have you followed the steps in the theme guide -!/guide/theming to get your workspace and theme package started?

    Yes, there is an issue with re-building the themes in the SDK because of how they are built before being placed in the ZIP we deploy so the error sounds the same but not something in Cmd rather in the themes themselves.
    How would we be able to replicate the neptune-charcoal theme then? Based on the screenshot it looks like you applied the theme directly to the kitchen sink example. Would you have to recreate the example app based on the new guide? Same goes for the Theme Viewer example app.

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    For anyone interested,

    I have found a way to run "compass watch" on themes generated by "sencha generate theme".

    Here are my steps:

    [1] Download and install latest Sencha Command (Sencha Cmd v3.1.1.274)
    [2] Download and install Ext JS 4.2.0, and unzip. (in my case I unzipped to "ext")
    [3] cd ext
    [5] sencha generate theme ext-theme-mytheme
    [6] cd packages/ext-theme-mytheme
    [7] sencha package build
    [8] Go get coffee
    [9] cd build (you should see ext-theme-mytheme-all-debug.scss and such)
    compass watch --trace --force --config ./config.rb --sass-dir . --css-dir ./resources --images-dir ./resources/images
    [11] because compass only checks the timestamp on ext-theme-mytheme-all-debug.scss, and because this file doesn't actually change, you have to kick compass to re-read that file and generate again. This can be done by
    touch ext-theme-mytheme-all-debug.scss

    Windows users don't have the "touch" utility so:
    copy /b ext-theme-mytheme-all-debug.scss +,,
    [12] now the fun begins. From this step on you have to dig into a theme as see how things work. Change parameters, then touch the scss file, and compass will regenerate.

    [13] After three weeks, when you are done tweaking, then rebuild the package and you have a working theme.

    I hope this helps a little.

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    [13] After three weeks, when you are done tweaking, then rebuild the package and you have a working theme.
    Oh, so true :-D Sorry for off topic. Thanks million for the post.

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