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    hey guys,

    i updated my sencha touch 2.1 app to 2.2 yesterday ..... the whole ing night

    and i have to say ......


    its amazing fast! even as native packaged app on android (cordova 2.5)

    i love the useSimpleItems config in the list component!

    for android, i disabled transitions with { layout: 'card', animation: false } on navigationviews/tabpanels and its fine.

    also i disabled all the css3 stuff just using the sass variables.

    also i played with the target sdk level in the androidmanifest, and setted it as high as possible! i think, i can feel a speed up to.

    i was so sick about the ed up performance in my app (its for my company, i've said "hey guys, lets use sencha touch, its pretty cool" but get grounded because of the performance).

    and now?

    IT'S FAST! i can't believe it it acts like an native app, i've asked a view people whether they can feel the fastness - they can feel it
    so ....

    just thank you!

    ps: sorry for my retarded english, i'm just a stupid man from german ;-) it's 10:33 in the morning, so, good night

    weiter so, groartig! :-*

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterrobertz View Post
    also i disabled all the css3 stuff just using the sass variables.
    Wow - that's good news! Thank you for sharing this!! Looking forward to the RC...

    Could you give an example as how you did disable the CSS stuff with SASS?

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    sure my friend!

    just use

    $include-border-radius: false !default;$include-highlights: false !default;

    in the top of your sass file!

    i dont know whether i have to use !default or not :-)

    and for my custom ui's (for example tabbar) i had also to use it like so:

    @include sencha-tabbar-ui('amazing', #333, if($include-highlights, 'matte', null), #666);

    i think its the beginning of a wonderful relationship, till the next problem arrives (but every problem has a solution)


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